Brightwater Advisory

A Registered Investment Adviser

Integrity:  We appreciate it when someone does what he says he will do.  We value someone doing what he should do, whether we know it or not.

Transparency: A client needs to be able to easily clarify how her assets are invested, where they are custodied and how her cost structure is set up.

Value:  We believe that we are responsible for creating our own business opportunities, but that no opportunities will become available to us unless we create value for someone else.

Flexibility:  Think rooted vs. rigid.  We find it is important to know what we think and what we believe, but be open to alternative perspectives and methods, as a reaffirmation of the status quo or a call for making a needed adjustment.  Entertaining opposing ideas requires a flexible mind and disposition, yet being rooted in core principles counter-intuitively fosters that ability.

Simplicity:  We believe a robust, yet simple investment approach allows for greater likelihood of success, as it is easier for everyone to be on the same page.

Stewardship: We oversee other people's wealth.  This premise of acting as an agent is stating the obvious, but we feel it is important to highlight this primary fiduciary relationship, as a reminder of priorities within our culture for all involved.

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