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Ned Davis Research - Interview with Ned Davis

One of the company’s longtime clients, David Kotok of Sarasota’s Cumberland Advisors, says the research his firm purchases from Davis helps his investment decision-making. “We manage hundreds of millions; Ned Davis is one of the research services we use. They’re high-class, first rate,” Kotok says. “They offer guidance that enables investors to stay in trends longer than human nature would allow. It helps me extend positions to greater maturity, to cut losses and take smaller losses.”

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How Obama action could affect retirement advice from brokers

"The proposal would bring a stricter regime for brokers handling retirement accounts, making them fiduciaries. Fiduciaries are obligated to put their clients’ interests first.

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Registered investment advisers, on the other hand, are 'fiduciaries' like doctors or lawyers. By law they are considered trustees for their clients and are obligated to put the clients’ interests first. "

"Diversification is really a form of humility"

This piece by RiverFront Investment Group is a short, but effective read on the balance of what I like to call taking "respectful risk," in that there is a fine line between taking enough, but not too much.  

I particularly like their references to the late 90's, Japan, putting everything in your employer's stock, including your job, as well as the part on the emotional challenges of diversifying.

Diversification in our opinion is a core building block to investing, whether you choose to use it or not.