Brightwater Advisory

A Registered Investment Adviser

Turning stones over -- We do so through an engaged 7 year needs analysis that matches an investor up with value in the marketplace.

Simplicity -- We believe in keeping things simple and identify allocation targets and return objectives and summarize them in an easy to understand format, which is effective for putting everyone on the same page.

History -- We value studying the past as we look toward the future.

  • James O'Shaugnessy's book, What Works on Wall Street is a core influence on data metrics that tend to persist over time and across cycles. Think, MoneyBall by Michael Lewis and making data-driven decisions.

  • Morningstar's long-term Ibbotson data for efficient strategic asset allocation

Knowledge -- We value outside thinking and primarily involve:

  • NDR (Ned Davis Research) for tactical asset allocation

  • Morningstar's robust security, exchange traded fund and mutual fund database for quantitative value screening.

Portfolios -- We use efficient building blocks to structure diversification, while taking respectful risk for future return:

  • common stocks (no internal expense)

  • preferred stocks (no internal expense)

  • individual bonds (no internal expense)

  • exchange traded funds (low internal expense)

  • mutual funds -- institutional class when accessible (low internal expense)

  • closed end funds (not efficient, but relevant in some instances)

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